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About Us

 Want to know more about us? Let us tell you the story.


Dealnick was created BY fans, FOR fans. Fans of what you may ask? The list is ever growing. We believe that the community of great video games, TV shows, movies, passions, and hobbies constantly brings and connects similar people in a mutually-loved environment. As time passes and we grow we will continue to offer more and more lines of merchandise for the fan & hobbyist community. We believe in constantly updating our inventory to showcase you the best of the best from gadgets, tools, artwork, t-shirts, mugs, collectibles and much more!

Since our launch in 2017, we relentlessly aim to serve this niche and make fans of various platforms happy. We do this by making the fans able to purchase the merchandise that they want and love. Our goal is to become the global leader of online merchandise shopping and be able to fulfill all the needs of fans. We have made a platform that allows fans to find whatever they need in order to live their passions and hobbies!

Dealnick is the culmination of many combined lifetimes of fanaticism about gaming, TV Series, Movies, Hobbies, and Passions for clothing and other merchandise. We put a heavy focus on comfort, quality, and style because we wanted a collection that we could wear and use no matter what we are doing! 


Our Quality

At Global Fit Wear, our products are guaranteed to not only satisfy but also delight. We are determined in the pursuit to be attentive to every detail. Hand made, painted, and constructed to attend to every corner and crevice of all the products we offer in order to make sure that everything our customers receive is absolutely top notch.

We believe that quality products and great customer support are the only options! Our various lines and products aim to cater to every niche in the fanbase segment and make sure that all of your needs and wants are fulfilled. They are tailored to your specific passion or preference, whether it's your favorite video game or TV show, we will make sure you love it!


The Team

At Dealnick, we believe that only the most motivated people will create the best service and drive a company to success. Also, we feel that to really provide the best to our customers, we have to share THE SAME PASSION as our customers. Our team prides ourselves on being super nerds and loving to collect merchandise. We wanted it to be possible for people like us to be able to find the best way to pursue their passions.

We work together as one team of people with expertise and determination to achieve our goals collectively. Our values of respect, trust, and appreciation are at the very core of our foundation. At Dealnick, we are grounded on the basis that we directly connect to our customers and want to put out to them, what we would want for ourselves. Nothing could make us more proud than to contribute something meaningful to the video game community and enrich the lives of gamers and fanbases.



We use SSL technology so you can have your peace of mind while shopping. We know how it feels to be skeptical when buying merchandise. We've been through the struggle of wondering wether what we see on the website is what we will actually get, and wether we will even get our purchase after buying. We guarantee secure checkouts and no underlying conditions with any purchases. You will receive exactly what you order and you will never have to worry about mishaps when buying our product. We 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with what we do for you.

You can pay with your Paypal account, or with your credit card (through the PayPal checkout). Our Customers benefit from a safe and secure online ordering experience that is backed by VISA, Apple Pay, MasterCard, American Express, and Shopify.